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Why Coding?

In our growing digital world, coding has become as important as math, science and literacy. There are great platforms/things out there that teach the basic principles of programming but we wanted to give kids the ability to learn real coding skills.

Our mission at Curious Chip is to not only excite kids with the possibilities of programming, but to also give them the power to invent. Empowering kids to experiment and play with multiple coding languages with hardware, so they can create what they like, and importantly, in whatever way they like.

Here’s why learning to code is important for kids::

Empower kids – The ability to communicate with machines and that any idea is possible feels like a super power!

Think bigger/Be a creator – Rather than just consuming, coding opens up a world of possibility to influence and make.

Communication – Like learning another language, coding gives kids another platform to express themselves and share with others.

More than coding – Kids learn across the board, learning critical and analytical thinking to problem solving and creative thinking.

It’s the future – From social media to virtual reality. Coding is playing a huge part in innovation and shaping the world we live in.

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