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More than Coding

It’s the middle of August and we have been flat out creating new prototypes to show you… more on that soon! Our kids are back at school next week and we have been thinking a lot about coding as part of the curriculum.

Here are some interesting articles and videos we’ve been inspired by over the past month. Keep on reading for our top coding finds.

More than coding
We enjoyed this interesting take on teaching kids more than coding from Medium’s education portal BRIGHT. Author Ali Almossawi discusses how teaching kids algorithms alongside coding will help future proof what they learn today. We love his sock pairing analogy to help his daughter understand the role of algorithms too.

Teaching coding in a delightful way
This interview with Hello Ruby founder Linda Liukas has made us so happy. She talks about how play not just coding can help kids understand complex programmes, and that computers shouldn’t be just about being on your own. They should be about sharing ideas and learning together.

The science of where our kids learn
There’s not a huge amount that we as parents can impact in our kids class rooms. We thought the points about getting outside a bit more, and turning off devices just before bed were really useful. Some of the tips about classrooms could also be used if you’ve got study or homework time in your house.

Have a read through – we’d love to know your thoughts too!

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