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Hello World: This is Curious Chip

We were lucky enough to have been brought up in the 80s, a time when systems like the Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore 64, BBC Micro and Amstrad CPC ushered in the first era of home computing. Users would turn on their machines and be greeted with a simple READY prompt inviting them to type in simple commands and programs.

It felt possible to master the entire machine. Nothing was ever polished, but the sense of immediacy was exciting, with no barriers between turning your computer on and tinkering. Those of us who were lucky enough to have one of these machines wanted to learn everything about them. Our hearts swelled with pride when we managed to draw a simple coloured square on the screen and make it move around.

We had a thirst for knowledge and wanted to push these machines to their limits!

Fast forward 30 years and the little devices we carry in our pockets are way more powerful than those early computers, but we want to give the next generation the same thrill of discovery and wonder we got when we tinkered and mucked about with programmes on computers.

We are Jason Frame + Sukhvir Dhillon. Together we’ve been tinkering at Curious Chip for the past few years. We’ve created a few different devices during this time, all while holding down our full-time jobs. We’ll be using this little part of the internet to update you on our creations, and one very special project in particular. More soon!