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Curious Chip Picks: September

In this month’s Curious Chip Picks we’ve got make it yourself lamps, colourful physics and thought provoking design.

We’ve really liked all the things from Bare Conductive for a while now. Their latest kit uses electric paint to turn any piece of paper into not one, not two… but three touch sensitive lamps. We can’t wait to have a play, we’ve pre-ordered our kit on Kickstarter.

Also this month we came across Tinybop. They make apps that spark the curiosity of kids by allowing kids to dive into big ideas and explore how things work. All of them are great but Simple Machines has got to be one of our favourites. Levers, forces and physics!

Finally a little food for thought. In ’The Secret Life of Things‘ German designer Steffen Hartwig challenges how many of us take the objects around us for granted, and how what’s inside has become ‘invisible’. Steffen created five objects that make us to think about the behavior and social impact of things, rather than just their technical implementation.

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