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Curious Chip Picks June

As we build Curious Chip and work towards launching our first product, we’re finding lots of things that inspire us, so we thought we’d share them with you. To kick things off we’ve got a lovely collection of books, games and gadgets for you.

As you may or may not know we are big fans of computer games, and if there’s a console that reminds us of our youth, well, that’s the SNES! Nintendo have just announced that they are launching the SNES Classic Mini in time for the holidays and we could not be more excited.

Look at it sitting there all nestled in the palm of your hand. We can’t wait to have a play around with it and show our kids the power of 16-Bit.


Next up we spotted this absolutely smashing book from Keith Negley, the Dads and Design lot have made it their book of the month and we can’t disagree. The colours, the illustrations, and we just know this is what our almost-teens are saying about us.


In Sukhvir’s laundry room at the back of his house lives our 3D Printer family, where we can whip up quick prototypes and play around with our ideas. We’ve got our own process but there’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing how other people approach things. That’s why we’re particularly excited about the Prototypes & Experiments exhibition happening in London next month. Look at these silicon threads!