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Curious Chip Picks July

Summer has hit Glasgow… ahem! Okay, so the weather isn’t exactly great, but the school’s are out for the summer and that means we’ve got our kids to entertain. We’ve been looking around for some fun things to keep them out of trouble and thought we’d share a few of our neat finds.

Have you guys tried the courses over at Jam? They provide online courses for kids that are anything but run of the mill.

We’re considering this build-your-own Rube Goldberg machine course, perfect for kids aged 9-14 and no experience necessary.


How cool would it be to be a cardboard inventor!

Keeping the cardboard theme going, we spotted this DIY Minecraft party. Even if you didn’t bother with the balloons or party hats, it would be a fun day of play to make up the cubes and bring the digital world to life.

And last, but certainly not least, have you guys spotted the new version of Beasts of Balance on Kickstarter? We got the first one last year and are really excited about the new battle mode. If you haven’t spotted this board game before then we thoroughly, thoroughly recommend it for some rainy day fun. It balances (pardon the pun) the worlds of table top board games with computer games perfectly. The idea is that you build a stack of different, oddly shaped creatures (kind of like Jenga), every piece you place has an impact on a world you’ve created on the accompanying iPad app. Such frustratingly good fun.