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Coding Creativity

At Curious Chip we want kids to be the creators and innovators of the future. Our mission is to encourage them to learn about coding through play whilst giving them the freedom to be creative and explore themselves. We all understand the importance of encouraging creativity but here’s how we think learning how to code can help.

1. Creativity is Right… and Left

Creativity can be said to come from the right side of the brain which is associated with imaginative and intuitive thinking. With the left side more associated with logical and analytical thinking. But for many creative thinkers and problems solvers it’s important to use the whole brain. That’s why we think programming is so important as it allows kids to both create and develop their ideas.

2. Experiment with endless possibilities

Creativity comes from inquisitive minds that can explore ideas, see things differently and a persistence to try new things. Learning how to code gives kids a platform to learn how to fail, learn from their mistakes and try again in a different way. Along the way they learn how to solve problems themselves and then experiment their way into new areas they might have not have thought of before.

3. Confidence to Create

From creating an app to making a robot dance, coding gives kids an opportunity to share what they’ve made. Getting feedback on projects they’ve worked on helps build their confidence. And like learning anything new, coding gives kids the motivation to keep at it building confidence with every new thing they get working.